ARMSA Launches Safety Innovation Committee

December 29, 2017

ARMSA announced today the official launch of it's Safety Innovation Committee. This committee is made up of safety professionals or those who have a passion for improving the environments Arizona employees perform work in every day. These individuals have volunteered to not only serve on this committee but to follow ARMSA's consultation services for ARMSA members and non-members.

The amazing talents and passion that make up the committee are:
- ARMSA Director of Safety and Member Services, Carly Baez
- Owner of Total Safety Compliance and Senior Consultant for SafeStart, Tim Page-Bottorff, CSP, CET
- Owner of Diggins Safety Consulting and Pozniak Safety Associates, Inc., Eldeen Pozniak BA, BSc, CEES, CHSC, CHSMSA, SRSP, FIIRSM, SMIOSH
- ADOSH Assistant Director, Jessie Atencio
- Retired ADOSH Assistant Director and Safety &Health Professional / Loss Control Consultant: Larry Gast
- Safety Consulting Director for ACT Safety: Heather Warnock
- Regional Specialist for Safesite: Larry Butler
- Doctor of Physical Therapy and Owner of WHOLE Professional Development: Jeff LaBianco, DPT, CSCS

ARMSA's vision that safety is truly a community effort holds true in the formation of this committee for the benefit of our members, our partners and association partners, and most importantly for the employers and employees within our state. Our mission is to continue to develop and provide resources for a safer workplace and to create resources where they currently do not exist. We are excited for the work ahead in the coming year and if you are interested in becoming a part of this committee, please contact Carly Baez at