The founders of ARMSA have always been passionate about safety and workers' compensation in the community. From the protection and success of the employers, the safety and well-being of the employees, to the future of the children of the Arizona worker, we have been actively involved through our contributions to non-profit groups as well as the alignment of our positions.

So it was an easy decision to respond to the need that was about to face the employers and their employees in our state. When we realized that a safety program that had been in place and available to employers for their benefit and for their employees' safety for decades was no longer available, how could we not answer the call to duty? 

We knew that this group had to be different, that it had to encompass all sides of workers' compensation and safety, and it had to involve the employers and employees we service. From an association standpoint, it is our responsibility to be the support that employers need; from providing access to workers' compensation insurance that rewards safe practices, to audit services, claims and risk management services, to safety education and consulting.

We also had to move beyond the focus of services. While what we offer our members is valuable, we had to ensure that this was an association for our members; to bring back that personal aspect that many long to see in the workers' compensation and safety communities. This is a group that focuses on the employer's success in effectively managing their workers' compensation and the health and safety of their employees. At the end of the day, all of us are employees and we all want stability for our families.

We came together because many of us have been affected one way or another by a tragedy in the workplace. We feel the need to do our part to protect Arizona's employees, to help manage claims and provide risk management services to help employers keep their costs down, and to be a voice for our communities.

We welcome you to ARMSA and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your success and well-being.