Meet Our Team - Ben Garland

In my current role as President of Sunbelt Insurance holdings I am primarily responsible for maximizing value for all stakeholders. Primary determinants of overall firm value are year over year growth, customer retention, and return on investment for the firms shareholders. I develop and implement the firm’s strategic plan in an effort to position the company at the forefront of the industry. I work with our team to advance the company's mission and achieve tactical objectives as we work towards reaching our ultimate vision of being a top 100 P&C producer in the United States as measured by gross revenue. We do so without sacrificing customer satisfaction and maintaining the utmost fiscal responsibility.

Throughout the remainder of the 2016 fiscal year our executive team is focused on achieving growth targets through organic sales & agency acquisitions. In FY'15 the company achieved year over year growth of 68%, a performance I am proud of; for FY'16 we are determined to do even better. An additional focus for management in 2016 is working to improve under-performing key performance indicators in an effort to outperform our industry peers in the areas that have the greatest impact on the rate and longevity of our success.

Last but not least, I am responsible for our team. We believe we are only as good as the people who make up our team and we are constantly investing in our existing team members as well as recruiting the best talent to join our efforts. The primary source of my confidence in our endeavors is the group of extraordinary people I am surrounded by. 

We do not dream about opportunity, we create it. We are well capitalized and aggressively seeking new opportunities throughout our target markets. We are always open to discussing new ideas; please do not hesitate to contact me with yours.