ARMSA Welcomes New Partner in Association Partnership Program


December 22, 2017 - Arizona Risk Management & Safety Association (ARMSA) welcomes the Northern Arizona Building Association to the Association Partnership Program!

Founded in 1979, the Northern Arizona Building Association is a connection and resource to Northern Arizona’s building and trades community. With their membership including general contractors to mortgage companies and everything in between.  

The Association Partnership Program is beneficial to not only the Associations within our state to support them with additional resources for safety training and discounts on consultation services, but also beneficial to their members with access to a discounted workers' compensation and risk management program.

As safety conscious groups, we see the value in coming together for the benefit of our members, for business owners all over the state, and the organizations that support them. Safety and risk management is truly a community effort and we are excited to work together to promote a safer work environment.

For more information about the Northern Arizona Building Association and the value they offer to their members, visit their website at

To request information about ARMSA's Association Partnership Program, contact Carly Baez, Director of Safety and Member Services at