Meet Our Team - Carly Baez


As ARMSA's Director of Safety and Member Services, I provide safety training and consultation services for our general industry members along with coordinating training and resources through our partners for our members in the construction industry. In addition to the safety side of ARMSA, I also assist our insurance team to ensure our potential members receive excellent service. I take pride in what I do and enjoy developing programs, committees, and instruction where it does not currently exist. I find that work to be exciting as well as rewarding.

Everyone has a journey that molds their passion and their drive. For me, it was one event – one incident – that made me change my career path and continues to drive my passion for a safer work environment. Together with my colleagues, we work towards increasing safety awareness with the goal of reducing workplace incidents that will, in turn, lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums. 

Developing ARMSA with the support of our partners, has allowed me to focus on recreating and remastering a safety program to benefit employers and their employees. I have a vision for resources to be easily accessible, and with ARMSA as that group that can be one main contact for your business, networking, safety, and insurance needs.  

I am actively involved in the safety and workers’ compensation communities, currently launching social media campaigns for Drive Smart Arizona, which I am a partner of. In addition, I am the Social Media Chair for the Arizona Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE), and I was recently added to the Board of Directors as Digital Marketing Director for Kids’ Chance of Arizona. Finally, as an Authorized Outreach Instructor, my expertise enables me to deliver valuable safety training to members of ARMSA and non-members alike.

The safety and workers' compensation communities are comprised of passionate individuals and groups working towards the same goal - everyone goes home. With that passion and drive coming together we can be a strong voice in our communities, a support system for employers, and advocates for safer work environments.

Meet Our Team - Taylor Bouve

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Taylor Bourve is one of ARMSA's Account Executives with Sunbelt Insurance Holdings. Sunbelt Insurance Holdings is an Arizona based insurance company providing viable solutions from Workers' Compensation to Business Liability Insurance. Sunbelt's first-class products offer lower annual premiums and quality management tools in Workers' Compensation to Commercial Insurance Policies.

It is his mission to provide policyholders throughout the Southwest United States and stakeholders at all levels the most competitive cutting-edge offerings possible, maximize value, never compromise guiding principles, and to deploy a fun, service oriented, and ethical work force that demonstrates an unyielding desire to succeed every day. 

His personable and educational approach is where Taylor stands out in the industry for our clients and members.

Meet Our Team - Samantha Denney

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ARMSA welcomes Samantha Denney as our most recent addition to our team as Sales Associate! Samantha has seamlessly transitioned into this role and has an energy that aligns perfectly with the ARMSA values. We are thrilled to have her with us.

Samantha shares with us, "As an Arizona Native and the middle child of 3 girls, my childhood home most certainly helped cultivate my vivacious and motivated personality to maintaining strong long-lasting and meaningful relationships to build a more favorable community. I am a firm believer in the importance of supporting those around you to the betterment of all involved and admiringly so my role within ARMSA not only allows me to manage daily operations for our workers’ compensation specialists as part of a well-rounded and accomplished insurance team, but also allows me to illustrate my passion for providing clients with a variety of valuable and profitable business solutions. My previous employment within a global company lends extensive experience in a variety of client needs and expectations and as a past high school athletic Coach with required safety certifications, I am a strong advocate for advising others as to the importance of implementing safe practices within their environments."

Meet Our Team - Robbie Staich

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I have been a commercial insurance agent since 2002 and have a passion for helping business owners protect their bottom line by placing comprehensive and cost effective insurance solutions. Running your company comes with its share of risks and challenges. My goal is to help protect the business you are growing and people you employ so that when an accident or disaster strikes, you have the insurance protection to get you back to business as usual.

In my free time I stay active, play sports, hike, camp, and travel abroad. Last year I fulfilled a bucket list item and attended Oktoberfest in Munich Germany.

Meet Our Team - Ben Garland

In my current role as President of Sunbelt Insurance holdings I am primarily responsible for maximizing value for all stakeholders. Primary determinants of overall firm value are year over year growth, customer retention, and return on investment for the firms shareholders. I develop and implement the firm’s strategic plan in an effort to position the company at the forefront of the industry. I work with our team to advance the company's mission and achieve tactical objectives as we work towards reaching our ultimate vision of being a top 100 P&C producer in the United States as measured by gross revenue. We do so without sacrificing customer satisfaction and maintaining the utmost fiscal responsibility.

Throughout the remainder of the 2016 fiscal year our executive team is focused on achieving growth targets through organic sales & agency acquisitions. In FY'15 the company achieved year over year growth of 68%, a performance I am proud of; for FY'16 we are determined to do even better. An additional focus for management in 2016 is working to improve under-performing key performance indicators in an effort to outperform our industry peers in the areas that have the greatest impact on the rate and longevity of our success.

Last but not least, I am responsible for our team. We believe we are only as good as the people who make up our team and we are constantly investing in our existing team members as well as recruiting the best talent to join our efforts. The primary source of my confidence in our endeavors is the group of extraordinary people I am surrounded by. 

We do not dream about opportunity, we create it. We are well capitalized and aggressively seeking new opportunities throughout our target markets. We are always open to discussing new ideas; please do not hesitate to contact me with yours.

Why ARMSA is Valuable to the Arizona Employer and Their Employees for Risk Management and Safety

As a local organization backed by a National Carrier Partner with the same vision for employers who are focused on creating a culture of safety in their organizations. We believe organizations should be financially rewarded for aligning their practices with the interests of their workers' compensation carrier.

OUR MISSION: To make safety, risk management and workers' compensation readily available in Arizona and to assist in their integration into the daily habits of Arizona based employers.


ONE CONTACT NUMBER: How simple...yet how many times have you had to contact your broker to get a hold of someone to only have them schedule an appointment with someone you have never worked with for your risk management and safety needs? Have you ever been surprised that after years of working with one individual that you now have no idea who you will be meeting when you make that call?

The focus of the Arizona employer should be on their business and their employees, not chasing down numbers, attempting to get 3rd parties to schedule site visits, or spending time meeting a new individual only to go through the frustrating process of providing the same information on your needs over and over again. This is a waste of your time and energy. Imagine having to contact one number to the same team for your risk management, safety and insurance needs...

SAFETY RESOURCES: Most carriers are only equipped to provide posters, brochures, safety cards, links to websites that are not always updated, links to sites for specific certification training only, and generic safety videos geared to cover the very basic construction or general industry-based topics. While all of these resources are valuable in a very limited way to employers and especially their employees, most would prefer to have customized training delivered in person to their organization and at their convenience. Which is where ARMSA stands out.

Our safety program provides a live instructor delivering refresher courses on multiple safety standards which is included in their membership. Healthcare workers or firefighters, for example, are not all in the workplace at the same time or days. What if you could schedule a safety seminar at your location to cover specific safety refresher courses at different times over the course of a couple of days and at no cost? What if a 10-Hour OSHA class could be presented at your location? In addition to the services we offer, we also have partnerships with other safety professionals in the community who are experts in their fields and training.


Discounted Coverage with multiple discounts and credits including Carrier Schedule Credit, ARMSA Membership Credit, Drug Free Workplace Credit and Premium Discounts. In addition the program offers Audit Assistance, Experience MOD Consultation and Claims Management is saving our clients money on their workers' compensation premiums.

Our experience and our dedication to the workers' compensation and safety groups we support and our passion for the safety of all workers as well as the success of employers in Arizona is what brought us together.

For a complete outline of our Workers' Compensation Program, visit our Workers' Compensation tab on our website.


The founders of ARMSA have always been passionate about safety and workers' compensation in the community. From the protection and success of the employers, the safety and well-being of the employees, to the future of the children of the Arizona worker, we have been actively involved through our contributions to non-profit groups as well as the alignment of our positions.

So it was an easy decision to respond to the need that was about to face the employers and their employees in our state. When we realized that a safety program that had been in place and available to employers for their benefit and for their employees' safety for decades was no longer available, how could we not answer the call to duty? 

We knew that this group had to be different, that it had to encompass all sides of workers' compensation and safety, and it had to involve the employers and employees we service. From an association standpoint, it is our responsibility to be the support that employers need; from providing access to workers' compensation insurance that rewards safe practices, to audit services, claims and risk management services, to safety education and consulting.

We also had to move beyond the focus of services. While what we offer our members is valuable, we had to ensure that this was an association for our members; to bring back that personal aspect that many long to see in the workers' compensation and safety communities. This is a group that focuses on the employer's success in effectively managing their workers' compensation and the health and safety of their employees. At the end of the day, all of us are employees and we all want stability for our families.

We came together because many of us have been affected one way or another by a tragedy in the workplace. We feel the need to do our part to protect Arizona's employees, to help manage claims and provide risk management services to help employers keep their costs down, and to be a voice for our communities.

We welcome you to ARMSA and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your success and well-being.