ARMSA Discounted Workers' Compensation Program 

A Culture of safety

ARMSA members are focused on creating a culture of safety in their organizations and we feel they should be financially rewarded for aligning their practices with the interests of their workers' compensation carrier. 

Discounted Coverage

Qualifying ARMSA members will receive all of the following discounts

Carrier Schedule credit 

Discounts up to 40% off the standard workers' compensation rates in Arizona. 

ARMSA Membership Credit 

ARMSA members will receive an additional 10% discount on their policy premium for being an ARMSA member.

Drug free workplace CREDIT 

Qualifying ARMSA members will receive an additional 5% of their premium for adhering to the state of Arizona Drug Free Workplace program. Don't have the program implemented? No problem, ARMSA provides it's members templates available to members and can assist with implementation at no cost. 

Premium Discount 

Awarded to qualified employers, the premium discount is based on premium size and the larger your premium the greater the discount you receive. 

Audit assistance

ARMSA members will have access to Audit Guard through Sunbelt Insurance Holdings which will: 

  • Assist in the completion of workers' compensation audits
  • Dispute incorrect audits both past and present to reduce financial liability
  • Achieve the maximum possible refund in the minimum amount of time

Experience Mod Consultation

The experts at Sunbelt Insurance Holdings will assist ARMSA members with reducing their experience modification factors over time. ARMSA members will receive a free in depth analysis of their e-mod including a summary of cost drivers and specific solutions to address cost drivers over time. 

Claims management 

Through a unique partnership with Workers' Compensation Company of America (WCCA), ARMSA members will have access to a full service third party claims management program that is guaranteed to  reduce experience modification ratings and reduce workers' compensation costs over time. 

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